Sanford Drug Testing is a 100% Veteran Owned Business, and in addition we contribute to various military bases charities.


Types of tests:

  • Urine collection: 1-10 panel testing devices that are the standard and can detect drug up to 30 days
  • Saliva Oral Swabs: 6 panel testing device that is the least intrusive means of testing, requires no restroom or special facilities to conduct: detects up to 36 hours. 
  • Hair Follicle: Highly intrusive 5 panel test, great for a long term history of a applicant or current employee, detects up to 90 days (head) or 1 year (body) of a constant drug use. 

We are the one stop for:

  • Low-cost Services
  • On-site Services
  • Fast Results
  • Flexibility
  • Testing Materials

It is believed that professionalism must be the #1 priority. By being professional we treat all of our clients with the same respect that we would expect in return. We are friendly and courteous while conducting testing as well as fully answering all questions and concerns the client/donor may have. 

  •  Serving Trumbull and Mahoning County with the surrounding areas.

Phone: 330-978-3009.

Sanford Drug Testing​​